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“Here or There?”
Where are We when not Here, right now in this moment reading this?
Is it a matter for you where you live?
Do you live Here or There?
What is the difference between being Here or There or somewhere else?
Are you happier Here or There?
Is the level of happiness measured better Here or There?
I guess nowhere!
(Author: Larrea)

Reading the title “Clash Madrid”, thoughts and ideas of a violent and hostile clash come to mind, but far from it.

Four artists living in Berlin are coming to Madrid with their works to celebrate a three-day exclusive exhibition in the heart of Madrid’s Carabanchel art district with three friendly artists living in the city.

The logistically challenging exhibition stands under the sign of the possibilities of bringing together, of cohesion, of two different artistic environments from two places. The mediation of impressions, such as community, beyond cultural and geographical borders is the focus of the artistic clash. The exhibition stands in contrast to the tendency of demarcation prevailing in current events. The visitor is conveyed a sense of belonging, knowing full well that some of the artists come from Berlin. This exciting game of stimulus and emotion develops its power only in moments of closeness: as soon as people are ready to let themselves be grasped by art. Only in such a moment of nearness can art tell of the good life; only then awakens the sense of possibility that our present might need just as well.

“It is simply not a political act for a work of art to say how the world would be better,” writes philosopher Christoph Menke.

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