Hannah Kircher & Guillaume Thunis

This exhibition questions the subjective variations of the measurement of things.

Two artists come together to present different ways of perceiving time and seek to make perceptible what we cannot observe.
Through their works, the artists’own rhythms intertwine to celebrate the present moment in their skilled way of playing with the concept of time using different techniques and medias.
They present a series of artworks where the painting express an individual vision of what time is.

Exhibition gathering artists around erotical abstraction. Artists invited :

” The history of abstraction is intrinsically linked to freedom of expression. Every generation of artist inevitably finds themselves swinging on the pendulum between figuration and abstraction, between freedom and fashion. When is a line on paper a border and when is it a decorative device ?” (Kendell Geers)
The exhibition ‘Borderline, between a line and a border’ embraces the questions of freedom and abstraction.

In the early 1970s, Belgian artist Evelyne Axell used color and seemingly decorative forms to create politically charged erotic paintings that transcended the boundaries of her socio-political reality. The exhibition traces the history of Abstraction from Evelyne Axell through artists like Le Corbusier, Liu Dao, Heinrich Maria Davringhausen, Hadassah Emmerich, Kendell Geers, Michel Mouffe, Anne-Marie Schneider and Agnes Thurnauer. The artworks speak about the body and sensuality, about social limitations, taboos and their transgression, in ways that invite the viewer to think outside the traditional borders of their social, political or religious context.

Evelyne Axell

Le Corbusier

Liu Dao

Heinrich Maria Davringhausen

Hadassah Emmerich

Kendell Geers

Michel Mouffe

Agnes Thurnauer

Anne-Marie Schneider