Wolfgang Flad is a German sculptor living and working in Berlin. His work mainly comprises wall pieces, sculptures and hovering sculptural installations.

Wolfgang's sculptures are suspended like “drawings in space,” frozen in a specific moment. The ethereal flowing objects hover in a compulsive dialogue between the material and the empty space they reveal.

Each artwork reveals Wolfgang's deliberate morphing of shape and colour tone.  He paints his sculptures with many layers so that he can etch away at the surface and reveal colour gradations and monochromes that grace the ubiquitous curves and undulating dendrite-like structures.

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— Stories & Photos

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Wolfgang Flad was born in 1974 and raised in Germany.  He is the proud father of 5 kids.  Being a father gives him the necessary strength and drive to be a restless and highly disciplined artist.
He studied textile design at the University of Reutlingen Academy of Applied Sciences, and fine arts (painting) at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart. After finishing his studies he moved to Berlin's Kreuzberg neighborhood where he still lives and works.
Wolfgang has found a delicate balance between sculpture and painting, developing a recognisable style in both artistic disciplines.

Recycling, or "up-cycling," previously used or discarded materials is a very important part of Wolfgang’s working process, although it is not obviously apparent at first sight.
By shredding old art magazines and art books to create durable papier mache, he is giving a second life to these often discarded materials.
In his paper shredder he not only shreds art magazines and art books, but also artworks of other artists and his own sketches.
Very often artists break first in order to create after. Sometimes this “violent” action becomes visible in the new artwork. But in Wolfgang’s case, we cannot see recognizable vestiges of the old material prior to its destruction.  Instead we see the dynamism of the forms that emerge from the transformed materials.
His work is a reflection on dynamism and movement, physically present as a shape but abstract in its form.⠀

For Wolfgang, the air and shadows that form the negative space of his sculptures has the same importance as the structure itself.

Wolfgang baptised this work “Suspended Abstraction,” a concept that he discovered almost by accident.  Today, Wolfgang uses this concept extensively in his art installations in public spaces, museums and contemporary art galleries.⠀

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