Jerry Kowalsky is a Dutch painter and sculptor. Cardboard is his primary material of choice.  Jerry's works are imbued with a mystical quality that is profoundly simple, due in part to his use of cardboard, an often discarded but amazing material.  Through this simple, unassuming portal, the viewer slips into his imaginary parallel world.


Strolling through an exhibition created by Jerry is a bit like visiting a natural history museum in which lots of Jivaro shrunken heads have been replaced by large, imposing cardboard sculptures.

According to Jerry, "The subject of my work is about how the human psyche is shaped by consumption, as well as the Internet. In my work I try to engage the viewer as if I'm a collector of reality, of material stuff,  as well as someone who presents social conditions and human behavior in sculptural form."

Further, Jerry explains:  "My work is about alienation, loneliness, fear, vulnerability and attempts to hold on.  I collect raw reality - I observe, draw my conclusions, and make them visible by encoded them again in the materials I use.   With my work I want to represent the visualization of a possible other-world.  I’m interested in conveying the idea that danger and darkness are close at hand."


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— Stories & Photos

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Jerry Kowalsky
This Berlin based artist was born in Reuver, Netherlands in 1972.  Jerry has been exhibiting his paintings and sculptures in art galleries and art fairs internationally for the last two decades.

Jerry Kowalsky
Jerry studied art in Maastricht and moved to the German capital where he developed the technique that he currently uses to shape his giant sculptures.
Jerry’s work reflects on how human beings are constantly shaped by layers of influences that determine the course of our lives.

Picture by @saskia_uppenkamp_photographer
The massive scale of the sculptures and their positions in the room force the viewer to interact with the space in a way that makes the visitor an important part of the installation.
At the same time, the lightness of the cardboard makes us aware of how art can transform something that was primarily designed to protect goods, can then switch into a fragile material that needs to be protected itself.⠀


In 2017 Jerry Kowalsky exhibited in the artspace BCMA Berlin, situated in the vibrant neighborhood of Kreuzberg, in the heart of Berlin. A neighbourhood full of street art and lively urban culture.⠀

For this art expo, the artist divided BCMA into two spaces with two different titles, “No Man’s Land” and “Resurrection of a Gladiator.”  Both installations focus on how humans interact with themselves and their surroundings.⠀
In “No Man’s Land” he created a scene where we can see a chess game on a small table with only white figurines, and two pairs of cardboard shoes next to it, all under a lighthouse roof. This intriguing atmosphere contrasts with the other room, where we can find 3 massive trees surrounded colourful walls full of noses and ears.

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