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Oriented to emerging artistic creation, Kunstraum aspires to electrify a public of art lovers, curious and eager to penetrate into artists universe on an international level.

How? By establishing and maintaining close contact with chosen artists and their work.

What are their backgrounds? Their desires of the moment? Their passions? Their agenda? How do they approach a new work? How do they outline an intention or a draft of a project?

Kunstraum will try to find answers to this kind of questions.

To increase visibility of partner artists and to permit to share their experiences, Kunstraum goes mainly on basis of videos. Equally support for distributing, as platform for creation, the Kunstraum website and the chosen social media channels are windows on the world of daily life of the participating artists. To get a better feeling for this, just navigate on Kunstraum.art and discover short video cuts done on the spot by the artists. Like life moments, hot impressions, technical comments, presentation of art works or details of it.. Curious to go further for a first contact?

Based in Brussels, Kunstraum will take care of priviliged connections with Berlin. One of the strongholds of nowadays artistic uprising in contemporary art. Therefore, it is no hazard to find the first artists from quite different nationalities to be convinced about this project living and working in the german capital.

Next steps? Going more international. In only a few years, Johannesburg got a real hotbed for artistic development in contemporary. Less known in Europe, the young generation of south-african artists overflows of refreshing young creations. To discover soon on Kunstraum…


Strolling around in an exhibiton of Jerry Kowalsky is a bit like visiting a natural historic museum in which Jivaro’s heads and other vestiges of the past
have been replaced by imposing sculptures in cardboard.


Spanish artist, international activist. Vermibus has elected the street quite early as his favorite playground.
Former advertiser, he turns his back to aesthetic standards and answers by deliberation. He collects, modifies, takes away, reinstate.


Giacometti said that “the sculpture lies on the empty”. Obviously, the ones from Wolfgang Flad are playing with this. His biomorphique sculptures,
or should they better be qualified as “drawings in space”, are like frozen in a given moment.